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Are you studying in any standard between 8-12th in High school or your child is studying in any standard between 8-12th in High school and he/she is having trouble in learning the various concepts explained in the school?

Then here is a way to help yourself or your children to get good marks and achieve the best in the academics, if are facing troubles while understanding subjects then we can help you out here. We are offering the courses from one of the most trustable brand in India known as Navneet.

Reading is boring especially when you are studying the text books and watching videos is fun so; why not study using interactive videos. Research has proven that graphics, images and videos can help you memorize more easily instead of just reading text books so try for interactive videos of various courses.

Then here you can get the best study help in the form of video lectures that will boost your understanding and get you good marks in your exams.

We offer courses for the various standards and medium:

For 8th and 9th GSEB in Gujarati & English medium:

All the video lectures are offered in the Gujarati language so it will be very useful for the young students to understand the concepts and get good results.

The video lectures are offered in the following subjects:

  • Social Science:
    This course includes both Social Science SEM 1 and Social Science SEM 2 courses. This will help you to memorize and understand the topics very clearly. The video material which is provided in this course is totally based upon Gujarat State text book education. In the video material we have tried to make everything as simple as possible using 2d and 3d animation and with the real life examples. This course is totally focused on GSEB syllabus.
  • Science and Technology:
    Science and Technology, this course includes both Science and Technology subject of semester 1 and Science and Technology subject of semester 2. This is really a fun because learning science and technology in video material will not only make you memorize but it will also improve your knowledge and curiosity to know more, many of great scientist were attracted towards some scientific phenomena due to various reasons and they perceived the field of research and development in their respective field.
  • Mathematics:
    Mathematics of semester 1 &2, the best way to understand mathematics and memorize all the equation and formulas is to visualize them in an interactive way, thus making video lectures one of the c best sources to learn.

For 10th GSEB Gujarati and English

For the standard 10th we have the below mentioned subject’s video lectures which can aid in understanding in depth and apply it.

  • Mathematics:
    The mathematics plays very important role in your merit list and if you have scored well in mathematics then it can help you to get admission in your choice of school for higher studies, so here we have included the video tutorials on mathematics.
  • Social Science:
    Social science is another subject which is also playing a great role in your merit. If you have scored well in your social science then it can improve your merit. Every student can understand from the videos and score high easily in the examination.
  • Science:
    Science is a very important subject and will act as the base for the higher studies so it is very essential to understand all the core concepts of the science and technology. Take a glance at the meticulously designed video lectures to help you learn at very fast pace.
    All the above videos can help every student who wants to understand more in depth via medium of the visualization.

For 11th & 12th GSEB Gujarati medium:

Here is semester system in the 11th standard of GSEB Board.

In here will get video lectures semester wise, so it is all arranged according to your curriculum in the schools.

  • Chemistry:
    You will learn the chemistry like never before, you will be able to visualize how at the atomic levels things happens, with the clean depictions of the chemical processes you can easily understand and learn quickly.
  • Physics:
    You will learn how all the forces are acting at the body with some real good 2D and 3D animations, it will make the physics look quite easy to learn and excel at.
  • Biology:
    In here you can see how everything works inside the human body which will aid you to memorize microscopic level information.

For MSB in Marathi and English medium:

We also offer all the subjects of class 8th to 10th in the form of videos in both English Language and Marathi language for Maharashtra Board students. This whole course is based upon Maharashtra State Board Syllabus and Textbooks, so students can easily understand all the subject of standard 8th and 9th and crack their examination with good score.

All the subjects of class 8th and 9th based on Maharashtra Board are as follows:

  • Civics:
    Civics subject consist of chapters like Foreign Policy, India's Foreign Policy, India's security system, United Nations, United Nations work, International cooperation and development and Human Rights. So, in this subject students will acquire the knowledge about civics. Here provided video material of civics subject is totally based on Marathi language so, students of MSB will easily learn and understand all the concepts of Civics subject.
  • History:
    In subject of history, you will learn about the age of revolutions and what did happen in past, Foundation and Expansion of the British Rule in the India, Effects of the British Rule in India etc.
  • Geography:
    In this subject students will accomplish the knowledge of Weathering, Interior of the earth Slow and Rapid movement of the earth, Human Settlements, Primary and Secondary Occupations of the earth etc.
  • Science and Technology:
    Science subject consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Science is a very interesting subject to learn because you will learn our solar system, Atmosphere System, Sources of Energy, Biology Diversity, Atom Structure, Solid Waste – Eco friendly management etc. We provide all such material of science in form of video which will help to memorize the entire science concept and improve your knowledge.
  • Marathi BAL Bharati:
    Marathi Bal Bharati subject is especially for Maharashtra students which includes chapters like माझी शाळा, घड्याळाचे गुलाम, मोठ्या दिलाचा राजा: राजर्षी शाहूमहाराज, संगणकाचा महिमा, माझा माझ्याशी संवाद, रशियातील भ्रमंती, मी वक्ता कसा झालो?, खेळ गावाकडचे, etc.
  • Mathematics:
    Mathematics is having very important role in any standards. It includes chapters like Squares and Squares Root, Irrational and Real Numbers, Parallel Lines, Quadrilaterals, The Circle, Area, Statistics, Variation and Proportion etc. We offer video of all mathematic chapters so; student can easily memorize all the formulas and methods. It will also help students to understand the topics and improve your overall performance.

For 10th MSB in Marathi and English

Subjects of class 10th are offered in English and Marathi Language for the students of Maharashtra State in the form of videos and notes. We also conduct practice exam and final exam which help students for preparation and to get better Marks in their final examination.

All the subjects of class 10th based on Maharashtra Board are as follows:

  • History and Political Science:
    This subject of class 10th includes Imperialism, Twentieth Century - Age of Conflict, Emancipation of Asia and Africa, Democracy, Political Parties, Challenges before Democracy etc. Students will acquire the knowledge of about history and Political Science after completion of this subject.
  • Science and Technology:
    This subject is divided into Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. This includes chapters like School of Elements, The magic of Chemical Reactions, The Acid Based Chemistry, The Regulators of Life, The Life Cycle, Mapping Our Genes etc. which will teach students the all concepts about science.
  • Geography:
    This course includes chapters like Physical Division of India, North Indian Mountains, North Indian Plains, and Practical Geography etc.
  • Mathematics:
    Mathematics consists of Geometry and Algebra. After completion of this subject students will acquire the knowledge of Geometry and Algebra which will also help students in future. Using form of videos students can easily learn mathematics and memorize all the formulas and theorem.
  • Economics:
    This subject will give students the knowledge of Basic problems of an Economy and its solution, Inflation, public Distribution System and Consumer Protection.

8th to 10th CBSE – English:

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE): We have also made video content for the students who are studying in the Central Board of Secondary Education system. With detailed explanation and animation which will give you the high level of understating.

The best way to learn something, understand something and memorize something is all being done in video content. You can watch the study video anytime you want and can revise the entire syllabus in the last 2 days of exam so that you can score maximum marks and make your parents proud.

Subjects of 8th to 10th CBSE English:

  • Science:
    Science is very interested subject. This subject is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology so; Students can easily understand all the concept of science in depth. In this subject students will accomplish the knowledge of about the world, about the living organisms, and their surroundings with facts of scientific. We provide videos related to science topics so, students can easily memorize.
  • Mathematics:
    Mathematics plays important role in every student’s life. CBSE board constantly attempt to make learning easily and structured educational. We offer students all such material regarding the syllabus of CBSE Board and take regular base exam and sample paper. So, students can easily get practice and improve their pace by solving mathematics problem.

How can we help you?

If you are studying in any standard from 8th to 12th from GSEB, Maharashtra and CBSE Board but you are having trouble regarding course and learning Methods/topics and seeking for some of the best material online then you have come to a right place.

Here, we have arranged it all for you; we can help you in topics and learning methods from any standard between 8 - 12th by using the medium of videos. We also take practice exam and sample papers which can very useful students to learn and improve their practice pace.

The best thing about the online study material is you can learn your subjects from the comfort of your home; you don’t have to be in 4 wall classroom to learn about your subjects. You can always learn even when you are at your favorite vacation destination.

You can also view this video material in your android or iOS device and watch it and learn from it anywhere you want.

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Learn, Practice, Test

Improve learning outcomes using unique pedagogical framework.

Build your foundation and strengthen your concepts with in depth video lessons and comprehensive notes. Know you progress in individual chapters at a glance.

Make individual topics rock solid by practicing on our repository of carefully selected questions. Identify your weak areas and go back to "Learning" them again.

Get a hands on feeling of the actual exam. Work on improving your speed, accuracy and efficiency by solving our timed tests. Get detailed analysis of your performance and sharpen your preparation.

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Build a national digital learning brand

Complement classroom with digital presence while safeguarding your assets.

We are very lucky to be living in times that offer us the opportunity to radically change and improve the way we educate our students. Students have used print textbooks for centuries, but in recent years higher education learning companies have made the concerted effort to shift from print materials to digital tools in the form of digital learning platforms. With this change, content has become more engaging and interactive, and the benefits are obvious.

We at CourseKart constantly try to innovate digital learning methods by carefully understanding the needs and problems of both instructors and students and solving them using the best tools and technologies that are available.

Smarten your Content

Moving to our digital learning platform will enable you to link your video lectures, notes and quizzes together in a way that maximizes understanding and ease of use for the student.

Flexible Approach to Teaching and Learning

One of the greatest benefits of digital learning is its ability to bring the classroom to life with features that benefit both teachers and students. Real-time feedback helps students as they learn concepts, and allows faculty to see student progress at both the individual and class levels.

Conduct All India Mock Tests

With the ability to conduct Mock tests concurrently across different centers nationwide, your students will get a hands on experience of the real exam, thus helping them work on time management and accuracy. What's more? With instant results, you can get a big picture view of where your students stand - individually as well as in comparison to other students.

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Maintain command and control at all times

Powerful, intuitive dashboards to control information flow in real-time.

Managing students, content, instructors, features, exam centers and everything else that is vital to your business is now possible under a central platform.

Manage Students

Consolidate and maintain lists of students. Keep track of their activity, assign courses, solve their doubts and get complete student analytics.

Manage Content

Effortlessly upload video lectures, notes and create tests. Generate analysis reports and identify popular content.

Manage Operations

Run campaigns, manage discount coupons, manage batches, manage faculty, get reports on all your centers and their performance.

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Doubt Resolution

Solve your students doubts - anytime, anywhere.

Anytime, Any Device

With our Doubt Resolution platform, a student can ask a doubt anytime from any device.


Build a strong community of students so that everyone can benefit from each others doubts.


To help the instructor understand the doubts better, we allow the student to attach a snapshot or audio/video message along with the doubt.

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Go Offline - USB/SD Card

Now reach out to students where Internet is unreliable.

Internet connectivity is still a big problem in India. Our offline solutions are specifically designed to target students who live in tier two, tier three cities which lack quality coaching institutes and don't have the luxury of high speed internet connections. Offline user enjoy the same learning platform.

One click USB/SD Card burning

Create pendrives or SD card loaded with our platform and your content instantly as and when you need.


Offline solutions are copy protected, this means only you can create them. A student cannot simply copy the pendrive and share with his friends. Also, the pendrive gets binded with a single user thus ensuring that multiple users cannot use them.

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